Come Taste What Everyone is Talking About

 We slice the meats, grate the cheeses, smoke the brisket, grill the shrimp, roast the chicken, slow roast the top round & pork tenderloin, cook the pot roast, taco meat, spinach dip, soups, & sauces for the pastas, bake the meatballs, make the BBQ, Sun-dried tomato, remoulade, & chipotle lime sauces, & the red wine vinaigrette dressing.

We cook the Food In House.  Can it really be fresh if you don't?



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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thu, Sat    11 am till 8 pm

Fri    11 am till 9 pm

Directions to John Michael's Good Eats by Map Quest


13424 Hwy 73 Ste. 106, Geismar, Louisiana 70734
1/4 mile from I-10






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